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Song info (track name, track number, artwork, album name etc.) doesn't show in wav file but does in mp3 file.

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asked Jan 2, 2021 in Studio One 5 by davebeacon (1,080 points)
Currently using S1 5 pro for a while now, and i have noticed that when mixing down from the project page, and with all the correct meta data and artwork in place, both for the album and individual songs, it doesn't place it in the Wav file, but will place it all in the mp3 file. is this a common thing? When the artist wants to release their songs on say, a lossless streaming site (tidal etc.) the art and track names wont appear i assume.

Any advice to this will be greatfully recieved.

Windows 10, S1 5 pro, good computer etc....

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answered Jan 3, 2021 by dark7string (1,110 points)
This has to do with the file type. Wav files will not hold that Data as I understand it
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answered Jul 5, 2021 by Zurbitos (710 points)
Wrong, Dark7string, metatags can be added to wav files! But, strangely, not in SO...
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answered Jul 5, 2021 by aka_busker (32,020 points)
Hi, I know I am late to the party on this one and apologise if you have sorted it out.  I was sure there was a way via file explorer to add metadata to a WAV file.   I didn't have much luck with the methods shown in the article I read.  It was using Groove Music, but essentially Windows media player can add some information.  Not ideal.  Plus the windows explorer method is not ideal as it will only allow you to edit the metadata of an MP3 file.  You could use Audacity to also edit metadata but I wouldn't recommend them with all the telemetry they are collecting these days.   

Then I remember that there are other methods.  My preferred method (because it seems you can add artwork) is to use Foobar2000.  (Yeah, a third party tool but it works.)   Any way, install Foobar and it should find your music.   Once the track you exported is in your Foobar playlist, you can right click it and select properties.   There will be four tabs - Metadata, Detail, Replay Gain (ignore this for now) and Artwork.  Metadata has all the usual suspects but the artwork tab is interesting because you can add artwork for the front, the back, the disc.

Anyway I hope that helps some.
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answered Jul 14, 2021 by aka_busker (32,020 points)
New info.  TL:DR export to AIFF as AIFF will retain metadata on original export and generational copies.  Source: