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Song info (track name, track number, artwork, album name etc.) doesn't show in wav file but does in mp3 file.

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asked Jan 2 in Studio One 5 by davebeacon (960 points)
Currently using S1 5 pro for a while now, and i have noticed that when mixing down from the project page, and with all the correct meta data and artwork in place, both for the album and individual songs, it doesn't place it in the Wav file, but will place it all in the mp3 file. is this a common thing? When the artist wants to release their songs on say, a lossless streaming site (tidal etc.) the art and track names wont appear i assume.

Any advice to this will be greatfully recieved.

Windows 10, S1 5 pro, good computer etc....

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answered Jan 3 by dark7string (1,000 points)
This has to do with the file type. Wav files will not hold that Data as I understand it