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Apply tempo map onto constant tempo wav track

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asked Jan 17, 2021 in Studio One 5 by taylorking4 (120 points)
I wrote a marching band piece with Sibelius 7.5 because I like their battery (marching drums) sounds they use and I don't have the money yet to buy VST. I exported the midi of every instrument as midi and imported then adjusted tempo so it doesn't sound robotic. However, because I wanted the wav file of the drums, all the tempos were out of sync. I then exported the sib file as a wav but at a constant tempo. Is there a way to take that exported track (constant tempo wav file) and have it automatically speed up and slow down exactly as the tempo map does. This isn't for an amazing studio production, I just want it to work.

Or, however, is it possible to open Sibelius 7.5 as a slave in ReWire and have its audio be in sync with StudioOne 5 and have its tempo track be controlled by S1's?

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