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Can the grid become finer as zoomed in-instead of manually having to change it?

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asked Jan 3, 2021 in Editing by amanstudios (1,210 points)
edited Jan 4, 2021 by amanstudios
I have been a Studio one user since the start and waited years for this to be fixed but now at version 5, the counter-productiveness is still there.

I use the grid "adaptive" option but the grid remains at the set grid. For example, if I choose the grid at 1/16, and zoom in for finer detail, the grid is locked at 1/16. If I want to do quick vocal chopping but at 1/64, I have to manually change it on the top bar and go back to 1/16 when done.

In ableton, acid pro, cubase (now), as far as you zoom in, the grid lines become finer and finer automatically. Acid Pro had this back in 1998. Studio one 5 is the latest and greatest and one of the best but why has this been overlooked?

I have gotten used to the fast workflow of Studio One but this along with the browser are two counter-productive features. Please make the Adaptive grid, real adaptive.

Thank you and I apologize if I requested incorrectly in a wrong area.

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answered Mar 4, 2021 by michaelpardus1 (2,700 points)
selected Mar 11, 2021 by amanstudios
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Grid sucks in Studio one completely. I am unable to do my work because of this. I do not want this detail to force me to change software and sell my licence however currently editing is almost impossible while changing zoom. Why this is still here in 2021 I have no idea? How everybody in the wrold can work like this an did not mentioned this before is beyond me really.
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answered Jan 4, 2021 by joeljossie (5,340 points)
Totally agree on the adaptive grid. However, I think you should put both of your other browser-related suggestions in separate feature requests.
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answered Mar 11, 2021 by amanstudios (1,210 points)
Latest version 5.2 just came out and the grid is still the same! You have to manually enter it. Sonic Foundry did this back in 1998!! Studio One took over as my main DAW . I left Ableton (Grid gets finer as you zoom in automatically) for S1. I was looking forward to the Grid update in this new update. Not sure how more people don't find this tedious!

Presonus, please make the arrangement and piano roll grid "real" adaptive. Once you zoom in, it stops at the set grid, lets say 1/16. it doesn't go past that unless you manually change it in the top toolbar! Please download ableton trial, see how their grid works. Come on!
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answered Jan 28, 2022 by amanstudios (1,210 points)
5.5 is out and still the Grid is not true "adaptive". The grid lines only go up to 1/64. Still no 1/128. Come on Presonus, these seem easy fixes to add. I had requested a few more items and many people agreed which obviously are being ignored by Presonus.

For those who don't understand, the adaptive grid is, the more you zoom in, the grid becomes finer [no need to manually click to change to 1/32 from 1/16 and so forth] Look at Acid Pro or ableton live. S1 is great, just a little more fine tuning, and its a perfect world.

Presonus being bought out by Fender, I already smell the same trouble as Sony did with Sonic Foundry. Took me forever to settle on S1, I hope they continue updating this fine program.
asked Mar 15, 2023 in Editing by amanstudios (1,210 points) Adaptive Grid is still not true Adaptive!
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answered Aug 8, 2022 by thompsonstavares (460 points)

 I'm changing from ableton live and i'm missing how easy and clear is work on ableton grid. The grid in studio one is so confuse to me. looks like all the things related to grid does not work wel on studio one for me. Unfortunately many times i have to stop to produce music to try somehow adjust the grid (and i never get what i want!) .