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Adaptive Grid is still not working with V6? Come on Presonus

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asked Jul 18, 2023 in Editing by amanstudios (1,190 points)

I had asked about this early in 2021 and many people had agreed that this is a huge feature missing in Studio One. Actually one of the reasons for me to leave S1 for Ableton. But every time I came back to see if true Adaptive grid was added, its still not there in V6? Seems like a major addition but why is S1 lacking in this?

I understand Presonus will easily ignore many other feature requests I have made but this one should be a huge eye sore.

The "Adaptive" grid is really not Adaptive. When zooming in, it stops at 1/16th or whatever the top is set to. Please fix this. I shouldn't have to manually change it on the top field to get a finer grid. And it doesn't even go past 1/64th. What if I want 1/128th?

I had requested a paint tool like Acid Pro or even a better dockable browser, well those were never implemented but I had moved on. I still like to use S1 but fix at least the grid. I am sure with the v6 upgrade, people rarely use the new additions.

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