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"The track "MODX CH 1" is not connected to a software instrument" - No - but why should it be?

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asked Jan 11 in Studio One 5 by brianhanson (160 points)
Newly switched to Studio One and mostly sorting out problems and misunderstandings -except - I have a Yamaha MODX keyboard set up which is now nicely set up as an external instrument. So - I can record midi on various track as a multi instrument, play it back, great. BUT - when I'd like to convert the midi to audio I cannot find any way to do it.

Right click - "Transform to audio track" would seem to be one approach but I get the message - "The track "MODX CH 1 is not connected to a software instrument."

Well, no it's not, it's hardware - but I see no way of making the required connections. The various other options of bouncing, rendering, freezing - whatever - don't work for me with this data either - so I wonder if anyone can set me on the right path to solve this problem?

Thanks, Brian

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answered Feb 15 by richardcampbell (140 points)
I am attempting to add a fade out to an external instrument track and am experiencing the same problem. I feel that it has something to do with the associated aux channel but haven't stumbled across how to deal with it yet.

Richard Campbell