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Poor recording sound quality with USB 96

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asked Jan 11 in AudioBox USB by kevinknorpp (120 points)
Everything did work fine for the first few weeks until recently when problems started.

Problem is intermittent in Audacity. One recording will work and the next will not.

Crackling, garbled noise in recording in both obs recording/streaming and audacity

Also is dropping connection in OBS. Meaning that, after some time, audio will no longer be coming in from AudioBox source until I reboot OBS.

Newish HP Envy laptop running windows 10
Line 6 Pod XT functioning as laptop soundcard
Pod XT Left/Right outs to Audiobox
Audiobox to laptop USB
Audiobox selected in OBS
Latest AudioBox drivers
Laptop configured for "Performance" mode

Checked all levels

Tried different block sizes and sample rates

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