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Can I use a MIDI controller to write automation for plugin parameters, (such as EQ?)

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asked Jan 13, 2021 in Studio One 5 by eligordin (580 points)
I am wondering if I can use a midi controller to write automation for plugin parameters.  For example, if I want to create a low pass filter sweep, usually I draw this in with the mouse.  I have been trying to create the automation by assigning the parameter knob to my midi controller.  I am able to control the LPF frequency with my midi controller, but I can't seem to record the automation.  I have tried "touch" mode, "write" mode, record, but no luck.  

The frequency changes in real time, but then the automation is not recorded and doesn't take effect during playback.  

I can write automation this way with channel pan and volume.  Is it just not possible to use "touch" mode to write automation for anything other than pan and volume?

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answered Jan 13, 2021 by eligordin (580 points)
Figured out the answer to my own question....

Apparently if I set the automation mode to "latch" on the track (not the channel - as that doesn't seem to work) then it will save the automation for whatever parameter I'm controlling.