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When recording MIDI signals, the same CC control signals are repeatedly recorded and built in two automation

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asked Apr 21, 2022 in Studio One 5 by aifuding (1,950 points)

As shown in the picture below, I recorded a MIDI signal using Spitfire's BBCSO Core as an instrument. Among them, I mapped Vibration to CC01 (Modulation) control, and mapped Expression and Dynamic to CC11.

(This is all to follow my usage in Chris Hein Orchestral Complete.)

I recorded the CC11 and CC01 controlling signals, but Studio One built two nearly identical automations for each of my controllers.

Also Modulation (for controlling Vibration), there is a dense automation and a sparse automation, they are the same content, but are built in two different automations.

The CC11's signal was built into two different Expression automations and one Dynamic Automation as well, which led me to use three different Automations in Studio One at the same time controlling the same function from the BBCSO!

Now if I want to modify the Vibration of the strings, since there are two automation controls, I have to modify both at the same time and I have to make sure that the modifications are exactly the same, otherwise Studio One will randomly recognize the two controllers individually. This bothered me a lot! I never seem to have this problem when using version 5.3. If the controller and CC controller functions in the instrument overlap, they will be merged into the same control.

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