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Rename song and the song folder

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asked Jan 16 in Studio One 5 by deangarland (160 points)
Hi, could you please give me some advice on best way to rename song files and the folder. I have a song that is names with the original default names that studio one creates, its the date followed by my name. I have arranged, mixed my song and during this process i created many different versions of the same sone by using the 'save as' option. For example:

2020-11-21 - Dean Garland

2020-11-21 - Dean Garland - 2 EQ on bass

2020-11-21 - Dean Garland - 3 Compression on vocal

etc etc

When the song is finished is it possible to rename all the songs and the folder they are all in to the final name of the song? for example:

Dean Garland - The Journey

t would be nice to rename all the songs and not just the last version created. Is that possible or something similar to it? If I manually renamed all the different songs and the folder would everything still work fine or would i be breaking any references/links etc? or can you recommend a better method?

Many thanks


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answered Jan 17 by thenry1 (160 points)
If you go to the folder your songs are saved in, you can rename everything there.