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Recording Studio Pro HOW to for DUMMYS

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asked Jan 17 in Studio One 5 by jasonjones43 (210 points)
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I am at a complete loss. HOW do you record a song? I can't even hear anything I've recorded. PLEASE help. I am partially blinded and can barely see what is on the screen. I need guidance!!! HOW do I use the recording studio pro program? I am a dummy and need STEP BY STEP instructions on how to use this from the very beginning. If I can't get help, I will have paid for all the equipment for nothing! TIA

What I've done so far: Plugged the guitar into the Audiobox 96  USB. Connected Audiobox 96 to the lap top. Open Studio One (NOT prompted when the Audiobox is powered on). Pressed " Start a new track". Selected the button to add an instrument. Selected "Mono" single mic and can see the blurple track recording when the red record button is pressed. I play the song and hit the record button again to stop it. Then press the play button to stop the progression of the track. When I press the button to send the track to the beginning, I press play to hear it and there is no sound. I am STUCK here.

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answered Jan 17 by PrettyCoolDude (1,020 points)
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There could be three problems here. The first one is when you said "Selected the button to add an instrument." Are you adding an audio track or an instrument track? The second potential problem is that on your Audiobox USB 96 there is a knob connected to each input that controls the input volume. The third problem is that on your Audiobox the mixer knob is turned all the way to the left or the "input" side. It won't play back sounds from your computer if it's like that.

Here's what I would do, step by step:

  1. Make sure the computer is turned off
  2. Plug the guitar into the Audiobox USB 96
  3. Plug the Audiobox into the computer
  4. Turn on the computer
  5. Open Studio One
  6. In the top bar navigate to Studio One > Options
  7. Make sure your audio device is set to "AudioBox"
  8. Close the options menu
  9. Hit "create a new song"
  10. Select the "empty song" template
  11. Hit "OK"
  12. Turn the knob that corresponds with the input you're using on your Audiobox to full
  13. Play your guitar
  14. While playing your guitar turn the knob down until the red "clip" light doesn't turn on
  15. Hit the add tracks button
  16. Name the track
  17. Set the type to audio
  18. Set the count to one
  19. You can chose to manually color it or hit "auto color"
  20. Set the format to "mono"
  21. Select "no preset"
  22. Set the input to the input that you have your guitar plugged into on the audio box
  23. Set the output to "main"
  24. In the track list make sure that the "record" and "monitor" buttons are enabled on your track (The circle and the speaker looking ones. They should turn red and sky blue when enabled)
  25. Hit the record button in Studio One
  26. Record your guitar
  27. Hit the record button again to stop recording
  28. Hit the return to start button
  29. Make sure the mixer knob on the Audiobox is set to "playback"
  30. Hit the play button and you should hear it
Sorry for the long list, but if you have any more questions just reply.