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Recording Studio Pro How to for Dummies still need help

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asked Jan 17 in Studio One 5 by jasonjones43 (210 points)
I got a really helpful detailed step by step but I'm stuck on #6. The described actions are not an option on my screen. The word "option" does not appear on my screen. What is a template? I don't know what I am doing. Please help...I really want to create asap.

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answered Jan 28 by philangus (9,720 points)
Go on YouTube and check out Home Studio Trainer and look through the many videos available. S1 was on version 3 when I first got back in to recording after a long break, and HST was a godsend. I don’t meant to sound funny but people generally don’t realise how lucky they are in this day and age with YouTube and the wealth of info available. My suggestion is, don’t rush it, set aside some time to watch a lot of videos before you try to dive in too deep.