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Audiobox 96/StudioOne for dummys

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asked Jan 8 in Studio One 5 by jasonjones43 (210 points)
Okay, I am super dumb with computers and can only make the music. Can anyone PLEASE give a step by step on HOW the F do you do this?? When I plug the USB power cable into the Audiobox 96...nothing comes up. I've downloaded the Universal Control but when I open Studio one....there is no sign that anything is even working. I am super annoyed and bothered. So please, a basic SIMPLE step by step Please. TIA

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answered Jan 8 by matthewritenburg (13,550 points)
We need more information.  Are you on Windows or MacOS?  If you are on Windows, have you followed the instructions for installing the drivers?

Step 1 is ensuring that your computer and operating system can see and use the AB/96.  Once you have verified that the AB/96 is working with your computer, the next step is configuring inside of Studio One.