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More than one VST active for editing or real-time control at one time

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asked Jan 27, 2021 in Studio One 5 by Around Since Dirt (700 points)

VST not in focus = lost control

Scenario - Control pedal to wah effect. Functions as it should. Bring up another VST to edit, control of wah stops. Desired outcome is to keep the wah functioning as a wah while dialing in the delay.

Certain vst instruments can maintain listening to external control while vst effects are dialed in but I've had that choke a couple of times. I have even assigned the wah control to its own automation track, but the instant the wah is not the focus, control stops. Even lowly Cakewalk can listen in the background,

Am I missing something? Some other workaround? Something simple I'm looking at and can;t see? 


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