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Automatic focused controller assignement for plugins when hands on controller also for non touch sensitive ones

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asked Apr 13, 2021 in Studio One 5 by markuslammarsch (830 points)
I'm using for plugin adjustements a rotary controller like ********* BCR2000. In my template the focus is set to BCR2000.
So far so good. Sometimes it happens, during the plugin adjustments I accidently touch the Faderport or my Series III Mixer, which is working in DAW mode in parallel. When this happens, all plugins instantly get the focus to Faderport or UCNet.Remote controller.

To get back the controller assignement to BCR2000 I have to reassign all single plugins by open it one by one via the dropdown list next to the controller focus button on the top right. This is very annoying. Faderport as well UCNet.Remote seems to have a seperate command which automatically takes over the focus which is actually really great. But it should also work vice versa somehow to controller without touch sensitivity.

Did I miss any possibility to do so or would this be a feature request?

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answered Apr 13, 2021 by markuslammarsch (830 points)
I have to correct myself. The automatic assingment happens on Faderport, if I'm click EditPlugins and then activate the plugin. At this moment the assingment (focused controller) swaps over to Faderport. Nothing to do with touch sensivity.

By using the DAW mode on the Series II Mixer, all Plugins at once swaps to focus mode UCNET Remote as soon I've pushed the DAW button.