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Studio 26c with iPad air

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asked Jan 28, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by emilioklinke (120 points)
recategorized Jan 28, 2021 by emilioklinke
Hey y'all, i have some questions regarding using an audio onterface(Studio 26c) with an iPad. Maybe someone can help me a bit out :)

First of all I want to know if its in general possible to record audio (not more then 2 tracks) with an iPad. I have my PC with Studio one Daw but having a portable device would make many things more efficient for me(for example my Piano is in another room).

The next thing is, that my Audio interface is bus powered by usb-c and im not sure if an iPad can support enough power for running it. If it does, can it also support the 48V phantom power for a condensor microphone?

I know that a laptop would do the job perfectly but an iPad would be more convinient for me^^

Maybe a Microsoft Surface would do it?

Thank you in advance for every answer :D


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