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Streaming or recording Digital piano and Mic with studio 24c on ipad air 2019 with ipad air camera

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asked Dec 12, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by michelsevigny-belair (130 points)
edited Dec 13, 2020 by michelsevigny-belair
Hi I am pretty new to this. I have recently buy a studio 24c. I have connected my digital piano, a Roland HPi-5 (1/4 from headphone output to line in 2 on the 24c) and my mic (dynamic XLR to 1/4 in line 2 in in the 24c) and I would like to know if it is possible to record or live stream with my ipad air 2019 (both line in), using my ipad air camera. I have a camera lightning adapter and a powered usb hub. I can record very good in garageband, but don't know how to use the camera at the same time. Any tips?

Thank you very much!

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