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Add ability to use fader of the FaderPort 2018 in the 'Link' mode in Studio One 5 rather than the knob

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asked Jan 30, 2021 in FaderPort 2018 by michalpawluk (790 points)
edited Feb 1, 2021 by michalpawluk
FaderPort 2018 has this nice 'Link' feature which allows me i.e. to control the level of sends uning the main knob on the controller - the 'clicky' one. Unfortunately when I try to use the 'Flip' function to use the fader instead, the 'Link' gets disabled... Is there any other way to use the fader on Faderport 2018 to control send amount in Studio One 5 (without creating extra busses in between etc..) or, in general, as the main control in the 'Link' mode?


Please treat this as a Feature Request - unfortunately the wording I used could make it seem like a support request....

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answered Mar 31, 2022 by chrisshepherd4 (270 points)
Please, on the entire Studiolive III series as well.  That is one of the main reasons I bought one over copetitors- touch sensitive fader automation, and for the hopefully soon-to-come Ableton integration.  Basically, I assume all of the functions that are appearing on the faderports 8 and 16 will be appearing on these other products.

I would get a faderport 2 just for writing automation with the flying fader if I had to, but that is not even possible yet, correct?  Plus, it seems likd of strange to get a faderport one when I have a StudioLive series IIII mixer

Thanks to Presonus for working on these products to make them the best out there.  It's almost convinced me to switch to Studio One as well, for mixing.  They do usually eventually add these features and I hope Fender isn't going to spoil this.