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Will the AudioBox iSeries compatible to GarageBand for iPad,Gen7 without any issues.

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asked Jan 31, 2021 in AudioBox i-Series by alfredoguerrajr (170 points)
reshown Feb 20, 2021 by alfredoguerrajr

I am looking to buy an AudioBox iOne or AudioBox iTwo. Will GarageBand for iPad (with the included bundled sampled plugins library) work with said Presonus units I want to buy? Would there be any limitations? I’d like to know about regarding compatibility with said DAW & its bundled sampled plugins before I commit to buying a unit.

Hardware, musical instruments & DAW software to be used on iPad, Gen 7:

  1. acoustic guitar
  2. electric bass guitar
  3. Harmonica
  4. Unidirectional mic (for acoustic guitar, maybe harmonica)
  5. Condenser mic (for mostly vocals, maybe harmonica)
  6. A MIDI keyboard controller (not purchased yet but optional).
  7. GarageBand for iPad, with sampled musical instrument plugins that came with it.



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answered Feb 9, 2021 by klausgambke (160 points)

I have audiobox2 with a mic and the line out of a E Piano connected. tablets are iPad 6th and 7th gen.  both AudioBox Ione and iTwo would run w/ GarageBand. My e - piano has also its own audio interface  integrated, ( usb audio , midi) , I can connect it directly ( camera connector) to the iPad, but: either connect the usb of the E- Piano, or the I-two.

 I One:  Input1 : Microphone XLR, 48V optional. Input2: Instrument, e.g. E Guitar.  

  I Two: two Inputs Microfone XLR /  Line, Instrument Jack Plug combined. Plus MIDI In Out on the rear. (standard 5 pin plugs). It‘s more versatile.

If you want to use more than two microphones, you need other  devices.

The DAW from Presonus for the iPad Capture Duo (2 tracks, upgradable to 32 tracks)  is a simple one. You have to transfer ( WLAN) the results to Studio One 5 Artist Edt. ( Apple OS or MS Windows) to work with VSTs etc. Both software is included when buying the hardware.