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Cascading 3 Firestudio Projects in Windows 10

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asked Feb 6, 2021 in FireStudio Series by benwatts3 (120 points)
Hi, I’m having a lot of issues trying to sync 3 firestudio projects together.

I can easily get 2 synced without issue, but as soon as I turn on/plug in the 3rd firestudio I get a ‘PNP detected fatal error’ blue screen and complete crash.

if I leave the 3rd firestudio connected the pc will not boot past the login screen and continues to give ‘PNP detected fatal error’

I’ve tried multiple UC installs and so far have had no problems syncing 2 units on v7.5.0 and the latest release and all 3 units will sync individually with no problems.

I’ve tried 2 different FW cards with identical results and also tried both those cards on legacy drivers.

I have ordered 2 more Belkin FW cards to test as I read on here that someone had no issues using Belkin and cascading 4 firestudios at a time.

I’m really scratching my head as I can’t work out if this is a hardware (FW card) or driver/software issue??

has anyone had similar issues and overcome them? Or any advice would be greatly appreciated!

It seems ridiculous to have to sell one purely because it won’t sync :(

Thank You

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answered Dec 8, 2022 by keno1215 (140 points)
Hi Ben hope this finds you are well.  I am trying to get my 2 Firestudio Projects up and running with a new Win10 machine(cant even get one to synch).. I cannot get the **** things to synch.  What was your secret to get yours running? Presonus wont support these at all anymore and when I submitted a ticket they shot me down. If you can offer any help I would be so very happy!! This is bumming me out Im crushed I cant record currently.

Hoping to hear back from you! Thank you !
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answered Apr 19, 2023 by jackleszcz (140 points)
Hi any news?
Im installing new win10PC with i5 12400, 32gb ram etc but I see there is no more driver for win10 at Presonus site? WTF ?
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answered Jan 27 by SimonHauge (150 points)

Any update? I’m having the same problem?