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Issue daisy chaining two Firestudio Projects on Win 10

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asked Nov 13 in FireStudio Series by RyanK121 (160 points)
So I'm in a situation where I need to use two Firestudio Projects daisy chained through Firewire 400 on a Windows 10 PC. I am able to get both interfaces working individually, but when I connect both of them, only one of them has a blue light; the other one will just flicker red and blue endlessly.

What's even more strange is that the Universal Control sees both interfaces, and when I change the clock souce from one interface to another, it then makes that interface light turn blue and the other one starts flashing.

I have tried:
- Daisy chaining both ways (One interface plugged into another, and both interfaces plugged into separate firewire ports)
- Testing individually to make sure both interfaces work
- Resetting to factory defaults/checking for firmware update
- Reinstalling drivers
- Turning the interfaces on in different orders, using different firewire cables etc.

Is there something I could do here? They are both the same model of firestudio, both working, so it should work. If it's related to Windows 10, I don't have a problem downgrading to something like 7 just to get this to work. Thank you!

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answered Nov 15 by RyanK121 (160 points)
Solved it myself. Seemed to be an issue with the firewire card I was using (desktop). I bought a Texas Instruments based chip instead and it is now pairing fine.
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answered Dec 6 by RanaArham8496 (180 points)

Resolved the issue independently. It appeared to be related to the firewire card used on my desktop. I replaced it with one featuring a Texas Instruments-based chip, and now it connects on this website successfully.