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The search bar in file browser doesn’t work in Studio one.

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asked Feb 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by caramiafrederick (3,180 points)
Hello, the search bar in the file category browser doesn’t work in S1. I try to search a sound ( wav or aiff) and nothing appears.

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answered Feb 14, 2021 by tothrec (31,920 points)

It works for me, so I doubt it's actually broken.

My steps:

  1. Click on F5 (if Browser is not already open)
  2. Select the Files tab
  3. In the lower panel, select the general area (Desktop, Documents, Studio One, etc.) on your computer where you want it to look (this is the key step and took me a couple tries to get working right).
  4. In the middle section that says "search" type in the file name or wildcard  (like *.wav) you want to use for searching
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answered Jun 6, 2021 by Dropfill (350 points)
Same here , It worked in version 3 but not in version 5 , I can find old files but not new ones. really strange .
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answered Apr 15, 2022 by dyiiiuds (330 points)
Same problem broh! Can't find my samples from my external SSD!
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answered Mar 22, 2023 by tonedipley (150 points)
STILL an issue that has not been fixed. so frustrating
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answered May 26, 2023 by elijahjones12 (140 points)
Yea so in the top left of the browser next to the word pool theres a tiny search icon

just figured it out myself