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Can I get rid of the Tag Search in my Instrument Browser Window?

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asked Dec 12, 2022 in Studio One 6 by demianbannister (120 points)

I upgraded to S1 6 recently. When I open the Instrument Tab in the browser, the whole area is taken up by the 'Style', 'Instrument', 'Character', and 'General' keywords. The only way I can see the actual instruments such as Impact, Mai Tai, etc. is to increase the width of the browser until they appear at the bottom. It's clunky and a pain. When I watch Joe Gilder's many videos it doesn't look like that, the Instrument Tab looks just like the Effects tab. Am I doing something wrong? I don't ever use those keywords, would like to hide them so I can easily just grab the instrument that I want and drag it onto a track.

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answered Dec 13, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,570 points)

Click on the little search button at the top right corner to get rid of it.