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Search bar for the long list of the parameters

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asked Sep 18, 2022 in Editing by Nothingness (1,480 points)
Every time I add automation or some other tasks, scrolling down and search the right parameter is really painful. The search panel(window?) is tiny, and you have to scroll down all the way to the bottom if it is there. The scroll bar is also narrow, so it's not easy to navigate.

The best practice is changing the panel as wider and bigger to see every parameter at a glance like Reaper. It won't hurt because you will focus on the panel while you're looking up the right one.

But I think it's a big change, and I'm afraid that Presonus developers want to gamble on it. I understand it's too much work.
Therefore, I suggest adding search bar instead. If you have it, you can find the right parameter immediately as long as you know the name of the parameter.


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