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Why is S1-5 saying my S192 failed to start correctly when it 's connected in UC?

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asked Feb 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by [email protected] (420 points)
Studio One 5 Pro error message stating Studio 192 failed to start correctly. The interface shows up in UC. I can see input gain display moving on interface when I make change in virtual mixer. So it definitely is connected. The few times this has happened in the past, it stopped happening when I restarted the interface. Not today.

Everything is current/up-to-date. OS (Win10Pro/64), UC, S1 and firmware. Restarted computer & interface multiple times. Unplugged & re-plugged USB into different ports. Still nothing in S1.

Was working fine for hours yesterday. Nothing was touched, moved or changed since the computer was shut down yesterday. I've submitted a ticket. Any insights in the mean time would be appreciated as I'd like to get some work done.

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