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Can I ignore the clip warning on Stem export?

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asked Feb 17, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jonny cliffe (160 points)
I tend to record everything so that it peaks at -6 dB. Many times, if all tracks are at unity gain, this clips the main fader.  This is fine because eventually, I will lower the individual faders of course. None of the individual tracks are clipping because they weren't when I recorded them, nor do they show that they are now. However, when I export stems for collaboration, I want to leave the faders at unity gain so that the collaborator has access to the tracks at their originally recorded volume. When I do this, I usually get a warning that the signal has clipped. I'm not sure why this is happening considering the fact that I'm only exporting individual tracks and not a main mix and none of those individual tracks are clipping. My assumption is that its warning me that the main fader is clipping which I don't care about in this case. I don't believe I hear anything wrong with the exported tracks. So is it ok to just ignore this warning? Am I correct in my assumption?

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