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failed to write video

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asked Feb 21 in Studio One 5 by jorgebnuk (160 points)
I have an error when I export video: FAILED TO WRITE VIDEO

I have done so many videos before and nothing has changed, it just stopped working. There is plenty of space, I have done a system restore to a previous date thinking it it was windows updates, I have used different video files to test, and still get the same error.

Please I need help from Presonus, I have searched online and on forums and no one seems to know. There are unanswered questions also from other people having the same problem so there is no solution available online.

Many thanks!

1 Answer

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answered Feb 21 by tothrec (17,160 points)
This is a user-to-user forum.  Presonus staff does not respond here.

I would go to MyAccount and submit an official support ticket.

Best of luck!