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Using condenser and studiolive32 through usb96 i get mono

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asked Feb 21 in AudioBox USB by fabienblanc1 (120 points)
I am the sound guy for my church. We use a studio live 32 board that feeds to the audo vox USB 96 and we have a condenser microphone on the other  channel of the USB 96 then we have it plugged to a computer and we use vmix to live stream our service . We get the condenser microphone on one side and the board on the other like it's mono any idea on a way to correct the problem

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answered Feb 21 by tothrec (17,330 points)
"feeds to the Audio vox (you mean Box, right?) 96"

Studio Live 32 Mono -> Audio Box USB 96 Left

Microphone -> Audio Box USB 96 Right

That doesn't sounds like Mono to me.  What's the actual problem here?

From a generic audio processing perspective, it does not matter what or how you are feeding the USB 96.

Source A -> USB 96 Left
Source B -> USB 96 Right
USB 96 is plugged into a computer that is streaming the signal.  Use the streaming software configure the 96 and to mix the two channels.
So maybe that's what you are trying to ask?
If that is the case - focus on the streaming software and how it has the 96 configured.