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how do I get studio on to recognize my new Audiobox USB96 in studio one professional

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asked May 6, 2021 in AudioBox USB by dharper23 (130 points)
I am not able to get Studio One 5 to recognized my Presonus Audiobox USB96. I have downloaded and uninstalled Universal control a few times and tried both options for windows and still no luck.  I currently have installed Universal control-WIndows v3.5.064605 for windows.  I can get the Audiobox to record but the legacy is horrible ( Which I can't change it 0 and barely hear play back through my head phones. When I pull up external device in studio one it play and record under Windows Audio devise..   


Dustin Harper

MY OS is Microsoft Windows 10  Home/ my system type is x64-basedPC/ with 16G of memory.

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