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align FX channels to the right side of the console

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asked Feb 22, 2021 in Look and Feel by eetumikkola (170 points)
It would make sense to be able to move FX and bus channels to the rightmost side of the console, sticked to the immediate left of the master channel.

I have an ultrawide monitor and don't always work with very many channels. The console still feels cluttered though. Because even though I'm able to move channels around, they're all aligned to the left and sort of "grouped together" there. The following screen estate, let's say around 50% for example, is just a lot of blank space, followed by the master hanging around by itself to the far right.

Having the option of aligning busses and FX to the right would make for a much cleaner look and a better separation from regular channels. It would also resemble a real console much more.

Image here (bit of a silly example with so few tracks but you get the idea). The red channels would ideally go beside the master.!Aq-mlTWuItnRgbpY3dG2siVkNwza4A

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