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"Pin Selected Channels to the right" in the console (like the Master channel)

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asked Jul 1, 2021 in Editing by kisnou (4,120 points)

enlightened We strongly need an option to select specific channels in the console and pin them to the right, like the Master Channel or Listen Bus (example: have specific Send FXs or VCA channels always visible on the right of the console)

  • The command would be 'Pin Selected Channels to The Right'. - We can select one or more channels to have on the right, constantly visible like the Master channel.

    My personal 2 cents on this:

  • Add a 'PINNED CHANNELS' Mixer Tab similar to the OUTPUTS Tab in the mixer, which can be expanded/enlarged as much as we want and stays that way everytime we open the mixer. We would be able to see the Pinned channels in this area, expand it as much as we want, which would add even more flexibility.

(Example: We have 4 pinned channels but we temporarely want to see just one of them, we expand this area accordingly to show what we need from the pinned channels tab

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answered Jul 3, 2021 by normanriley (5,570 points)
In the very upper left corner of the mix window you will see an "X" (when you click on this, the mix window closes).  Right below the "X" you see a wrench symbol (options).  Click on that and a window pops up.  The first set of options is "Groupings."  Checking boxes here (e.g., "keep FX channels to the right," and "keep VCA channels to the right") will solve your first problem.  Your second problem can be addressed by using the channel list button which you will find in the very  lower left corner of the mix window.  It looks like 4 stacked horizontal bars. Highlight this symbol to see all channels, then click on the dots to the left of the channels to show or hide channels as desired.
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answered Jul 4, 2021 by kisnou (4,120 points)

Hello normanriley 

I am aware of the 'keep FX channels to the right', I am not new to Studio One, but we are not talking about the same thing. I think It was pretty clear when I mentioned the Master Channel.

What I mean is that we need the possibility to pin specific channels (any channel type) to the right, just like the Master Channel or listen bus. To be more precise, to be able to always see the selected channels while scrolling through the console.

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answered Jul 4, 2021 by normanriley (5,570 points)
Sorry I couldn't help you.
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answered Jan 22, 2022 by Daw Stew (12,350 points)
personally i think this can be made easier by simply having the ability to split the console in 2. That way you could leave one side alone and thus would always be viewable whilst scrolling on the other half. Give us the ability to define where we split the console into 2.