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timeline cursor lagging

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asked Feb 28, 2021 in Studio One 5 by stephenconnochie (300 points)
edited Feb 28, 2021 by stephenconnochie
Hi I just upgraded my pc and moved from studio one 4 artist to sphere (which I used in a fairly rudimentary capacity). I have an issue with the timeline cursor in studio one 5, it is lagging behind the audio playback/record by around half a beat. I never had any issues with this in studio one 4. I read elsewhere there had been issues with lag when projects were moved in earlier version upgrades 2 to 3 in particular. Is this likely to still be an issue? The project was started in 4 but I created a new version which was just the midi notes saved it then assigned instruments in 5. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Updated - I created a new tune and added an impact track the lag is still there, just over half a beat and it changes with the tempo so its always lagging by half a beat, so the issue is not with importing a file from V4.

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