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How do you add a metronome marking to Notion^

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asked Mar 4 in Notion by johnbachman (210 points)
iMac OS Big Sur 11.2.2

Notion 6.8.0

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answered Mar 4 by johnbachman (210 points)
I will answer my own question.  I looked in the tutorial; I looked in the reference manual, but in each case I was led to the beginning of a score where you can retype the metronome length for a quarter note (♩ = 90), to begin the score.  I searched the Internet, including this site, but found no answer for entering the metronome mark elsewhere in the score.  Finally, through a detailed examination of the menus, bars, palette, etc., I found it.  It's in the palette at the bottom of the manuscript window.  In the palette, you click on the time signature, 4 over 4, and you get options including ♩ = ?.  That's it!   Click on "♩ = ?" and you get the metronome mark for a cursor, to click on where you want the time to change.  Once it's in place, you can change the note (quarter, eighth, etc.) and/or numeral if you wish.

It took me hours, but now I can continue my work.  I'm a fairly new owner of Notion, but I'm learning.

John Bachman