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How do you add a metronome marking to Notion^

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asked Mar 4, 2021 in Notion by johnbachman (250 points)
iMac OS Big Sur 11.2.2

Notion 6.8.0

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answered Mar 4, 2021 by johnbachman (250 points)
I will answer my own question.  I looked in the tutorial; I looked in the reference manual, but in each case I was led to the beginning of a score where you can retype the metronome length for a quarter note (♩ = 90), to begin the score.  I searched the Internet, including this site, but found no answer for entering the metronome mark elsewhere in the score.  Finally, through a detailed examination of the menus, bars, palette, etc., I found it.  It's in the palette at the bottom of the manuscript window.  In the palette, you click on the time signature, 4 over 4, and you get options including ♩ = ?.  That's it!   Click on "♩ = ?" and you get the metronome mark for a cursor, to click on where you want the time to change.  Once it's in place, you can change the note (quarter, eighth, etc.) and/or numeral if you wish.

It took me hours, but now I can continue my work.  I'm a fairly new owner of Notion, but I'm learning.

John Bachman
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answered Sep 28, 2021 by janeosbeldiston (140 points)
Thank you. You've saved me hours of searching around for how to do this when I imported an xml file and no metronome marking appeared. All the manual tells you how to do is alter the setting they assume is there at the beginning of the piece, nothing on how to add one when there is none. Funny how I'd never spotted that little icon before.