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How can I get the metronome sound included in an exported audio file

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asked Mar 22, 2020 in Notion by alanoehler1 (170 points)
I'm creating a series of simple vamps for practicing improvising. I simply want to export them to WAV files and then be able to play them from devices that I don't have Notion present (my iPhone, my Mac laptop, my Kindle Fire). I have the metronome toggled on for playback. When I export the files I see no option for including the metronome sound, and indeed the exported files do not have it. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance...

1 Answer

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answered Apr 20, 2020 by josephstedman (260 points)
On the bottom of your work space there is a wrench in the metronome field. click on it to open the metronome box. In that box is an option to "RENDER". Click on that and it will create a track and audio version of the click. Make sure to set the loop section for the area of the song you want to have that click in. Then export mixdown as usual. Hope this helps.