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Is there a better way to save a template?

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asked Mar 6, 2021 in Studio One 5 by B4time (510 points)
The "save as template" works great if I am just developing a template for use with future projects. But it seems useful only if I start out on a mission to create a template.  Otfen times, I am trying to figure out a chorus, bridge, whatever and come up with something I like, but doesn't really fit my current project. I want to get that new idea recorded quickly while I have it in mind. I would like to just save current song as a template but with no audio or midi data on the tracks. I might be doing something wrong, but if I choose to save as template all I am really doing is saving the current song and putting it in the list of templates. Does my question make sense? Right now my approach is just to quickly open a template that just has a Grandeur track assigned and sketch in the idea thatcway but I often lose the vibe of the original idea in the process.

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