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Atom SQ: Is there a way to save user settings as default or load with a session?

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asked Oct 9 in Atom Pad Controllers by kevinoliver4 (140 points)
ATOM SQ's programmable user settings are great, but once I close Studio One and then open it back again, the user settings revert back to factory.  There are 4 pages for user settings, but who's got the patience to reinput them every time a session is loaded, much less remember how they had 4 pages of commands set up.  Even saving with the project would be an improvement, but that's not the case, or am I missing something?

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answered Oct 12 by oscargarza3 (7,320 points)
The User buttons should save and be the same even when you close a session. You can try going to the Help Menu in Studio One, then Open Settings Folder, then delete the file MusicDevice.settings. NOTE, you may want to make a copy of this and place it somewhere else on your drive if you have custom devices or device settings as deleting the file will remove the settings / devices.