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Help building a large custom drum kit with separate mixer channels for each kit piece

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asked Jul 18, 2021 in Studio One 5 by OneFingerSnap (2,400 points)
edited Jul 18, 2021 by OneFingerSnap
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to bring to Studio One a few custom drum kits I had built in Logic when I was using it. I have already compiled all the necessary audio samples into a folder.

What I'd like to do in Studio One is create a drum kit instrument, in which every kit piece is mapped to a single key in a regular controller keyboard.

It's crucial that I can map each individual kit piece to a separate mixer channel, because I want to process them individually. The drum kit in question has 47 separate pieces, so using Impact XT doesn't work for me because I can only have 16 separate outputs. I'd also like to be able to have the kit's piece names in the drum editor so I can treat the new instrument as a drum kit for MIDI editing.

My question is, what should I use to accomplish this? Can I do it using Sample One XT or should I use Presence XT? If I need Presence XT would I have to buy the Editor add-on?

Please if somebody could point me in the right direction for accomplishing this I would greatly appreciate it.


Miguel Barrosa

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answered Jul 18, 2021 by matthewritenburg (17,320 points)
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You can still use Impact XT.  What you want to do is create a Multi Instrument that contains three instances of Impact XT.  Each instance can have 16 individual outputs, so you get 48 total outputs.  It will obviously take some work setting it up, assigning MIDI notes to each of the pads, and configuring the outputs, but once it's configured you can save the Multi Instrument and recall it whenever you want.

Start by dragging Impact XT into an instrument track, then drag a second Impact XT to the same track then choose combine, then drag a third Impact XT to the same track then choose combine.  You should have something that looks like this:


You can set colors for each of the Impact XT instances so that it is easy to tell which channels in the console are associated with which Impact XT instance. 

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answered Jul 18, 2021 by OneFingerSnap (2,400 points)
Amazing Matthew, just what I needed! Thanks!

I didn’t know about multi instruments, I’m only a few months into Studio One…

Thanks once more!

Miguel Barrosa