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Change the default layout of scribble strips!

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asked Mar 25, 2021 in FaderPort 2018 by tapiokyr (210 points)
Let's put this rudely simply: The default layout of Faderport scribble strips is ****. The crucial info is shown with micro sized font and the majority of space is used for hideously large pan info and indicator. Please, change the default layout to 0x05 (see manual) or make the different layouts user selectable as soon as possible! The scribble strips are too valuable for such poor layout they currently have!

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answered Mar 25, 2021 by jacobharvey1 (330 points)
Absolutely! Making this user selectable would be hugely valuable.
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answered Mar 25, 2021 by magnushansson2 (680 points)
edited Mar 26, 2021 by magnushansson2
The layout that is now is complet ****. I am using my Faderport 16 with Logic Pro X and it's like the info in the scribble strip takes up 40% of the window. So 60% is left. It's such a waste. You have the only product on the market that has 16 faders in one unit and that is really cool. But you have the worst layout in any scribble strip. Give us the options that you show in the manual. You have already shown that it is possible. I use Logic X...
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answered Mar 25, 2021 by pavelkappler (200 points)
Even I understand the FP family has been designed for maximum details in Studio One family cooperation I would like to have the possibility to tweak all possible params like the Studio One (=Native) mode shall be able (according to manual) in the other modes (MCU, HUI, MIDI). And furthermore - because this applies to Studio One native users too I think - to have the possibility to fix the tweaked details permanent so they remain tweaked even you power cycle FP unit. Many thanx for that!
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answered Mar 26, 2021 by Blades (390 points)
Definitely agree that the scribble strips should be more configurable.  At a minimum we should be able to freely select between the modes described in the manual (preferably without having to restart the fp).  As a studio one user, I am also not able to change the layout of these.  The sysex in the manual doesn't appear to do anything.  And from inside of studio one there is no way to send sysex anyway, so every (failed) test has had to be done with a thrift party product.
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answered Mar 28, 2021 by jsalant (210 points)
That would be very cool to see a different layout! Thank you guys for all that you do!
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answered Jun 29, 2021 by markfrye1 (850 points)
I agree to give the option to user select the options shown in the manual.  Unlock this and it will be a huge improvement to a great product!
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answered Dec 8, 2021 by magnushansson2 (680 points)
This could had been the best DAW control in the world if the the scribble strips made any sense. I am looking at replacing my Faderport 16 all the time just because of this. You even mention in the manual that there is a way to do this but then nothing. Every firmware update I am hopping that you have solved this. How hard can it be???