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Have the ability to show a measure number on the first measure when setting is for measure numbers on systems.

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asked Mar 26, 2021 in Notion Feature Requests by elizabethalsop (2,750 points)
I would like to be able to show a measure number on the first measure without having to show measure numbers on all measures which is the only way to to that currently.  My reason for this is if I'm writing a separate score for 2 instruments that are part of a larger score with more instruments and these 2 don't start playing until measure 50 and I delete the first 49 empty measures, I would like the first measures to show as number 50. If it showed as no. 1 I could change it to 50 but measure numbers don't show on the first sytem unless the setting is to have a number on every measure.  Hide resting staves does not work for empty measures in the beginning of a score. Multi-measure rests only work in individual parts and I need to show this in the whole score for the 2 instruments.

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