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"Add Insert" keyboard shortcut - when you press it, please add the search bar so you can type in the insert you want!

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asked Mar 29, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by taylorscott2 (4,180 points)
So when you click the little + button on a channel, it gives you the option to search/type in what plugin you want, right? Super useful.

I have also however assigned the "Add Insert" command to a key on my keyboard so when a track is selected, I just press that key. The problem however is it doesn't have a search bar in order for me to type which insert I want. It DOES let you type, but it isn't a search so you have to type out exactly what the plugin is called. For example if I wanted "Valhalla Vintage Verb",  I couldn't just type "vintage", I would have to type the whole thing.

This would be a huge quality of life improvement! Thanks!

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answered Nov 4, 2021 by joshualock (450 points)
Totally agree this would be a quality of life boon!
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answered Jan 17 by tshadgett (4,520 points)

Please, please add!