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Add Notation View to PerformPage

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asked Apr 1, 2021 in Show Page by matthewcarr5 (330 points)
The show page is an awesome feature, live performance is such a neglected area. We need a killer definitive solution rather than cobbling things together - and the show page is SO close

1. It needs a 'MIDI player' as one of the player types - this would address several request for using midi data to control external gear such as lights etc.

2. Then it needs to a page in the Perform view to that can display the midi data as Notation. This would be AWESOME - imagine having the notation scroll along  as your playing each song! I 've managed to just about do this using combination of DAW and live VST host, but if this could be achieved in the show page it would provide the ultimate all in one, stable solution

So excited to see PreSonus actively developing a live performance feature - this could so easily be the one live performance tool to rule them all; all the parts are there, the work they have already done is fantastic (esp. with the new 5.2 features such as Live Arranging) - but it just needs a bit more work to complete the feature set.

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answered Apr 29, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (253,480 points)
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