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Being able to assign midi keyboard pad or button to each song section/part in Show Page Perform view.

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asked Jul 15, 2021 in Show Page by reynaldguibone2 (1,080 points)
Being able to easily assign midi keyboard pads/button to a song section/parts for triggering or launching a song part/section in Show Page Perform.

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answered Aug 18, 2021 by mikebailey5 (360 points)
Yes Please ! All you can do is use keyboard shortcuts or touch with a remote iPad.
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answered Aug 28, 2021 by stevena1 (680 points)
You could do this using the Custom Macro feature and receive MIDI commands to jump to individual sections within the track.  You would have to use the numbered "Goto Section ..." options as there is no macro to jump to a section name, which would be useful in itself and structure the sections accordingly.