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Separate headphone routing for Quantum 2626?

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asked Apr 9, 2021 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by mikemacfarland (220 points)
Watching the setup videos for other Quantum interfaces it looks like you have the option to route different sources to the two different Headphone outs using Universal Control.  Quantum 2626 has two headphone outs, but doesn't have this option- both headphone outs automatically mirror the mains.  Any chance this functionality could be included in future Universal Control and/or firmware updates, or is this a hard-wired thing?

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answered Oct 1, 2021 by rikardmathisson (190 points)
I just realized this too.

There was not so much as a hint anywhere that the two headphone ouputs just as well could have been soldered to the main out. Or maybe they are. This is a dealbraker to me and the disappointment that this is not possible on this interface while apparently available on other (prior?) models was a huge surprise.

You just can’t blame the latency for this. This feature was expected. Even your manual made it appear that this was possible while misleading showing a configuration of two cue mixes in Studio One, named as Phones 1 and Phones 2 while it is still not possible to make that cue actually appear in the headphones on any other channel than Main.

Since buying other models will likely lead to similar suprises I’ll basically have to back out and return the product and get another brand.

Please, PreSonus, let us know if this is a UC problem or if it is hardwired!!
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answered Oct 15, 2022 by samilillsunde (180 points)
I was searching for help on this. Is it seriously really so that I cannot make routings on quantum 2626 like I was able to do with my previous not-so-cheap-interface Firestudio Tube? I had two of those and I loved the ability on the Universal Control that I was able to route anything anywhere. This is the main reason I bought quantum 2626 when the firewire connection became obsolete.

You guys telling me I cannot make free routings on universal control????

Does presonus representatives read an answer these questions? Where should I send email if they don't? This question is over 12 months old and has no solution.