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Headphone not recognized as hardware output on MacOS Quantum 2626

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asked Feb 19, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by joelnoe (140 points)

I'm semi new to pro audio. Just got the Quantum 2626  interface and connected via thunderbolt. I have downloaded the Universal Control and Studio One 5. I am recording drums. All is good with the inputs. However I'm not using any monsters and I want to use my headphones. I plug into the jack and am trying to set up my outs to headphone in the studio one I/O settings. it does not show my the headphones outputs.

Also in Universel control. I don't see the hardware control . All I see are my inputs, ADT, and RDA not like the ones I see in the videos. Am I missing something ?

2 Answers

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answered Jan 1, 2022 by burpeed (150 points)
Exact same situation  HELP!!
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answered Jan 5, 2022 by kmnqwvup (180 points)
On the 2626 Headphone output 1&2 both mirror the main output (output 1&2). To my knowledge this is fixed and cannot be changed. Hope this helps!