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Issues with disconnection using Quantum 2626 on both M1 Mac and Windows machines

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asked Oct 9, 2022 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by calebfergsuon (130 points)

I recently purchased a Quantum 2626 interface, and I seem to be having some trouble using it even with different computers.

For the first two days of using the interface, I had no problems at all. The firmware updated fine, and I was able to use it inside studio one with great success. This was exclusively on an M1 Macbook Air (2020). Suddenly, after a couple days of use, I am having an issue where the interface is randomly disconnecting constantly. It will appear and disappear from UC even without anybody touching the cables. Every time it disconnects it will also stop charging (if that gives any hints).

After seeing this issue, I also tried it with a Windows computer (made sure Universal Control and all drivers were installed) with even less luck. The device won't even show up on a Windows machine.

This has all been with the same Thunderbolt cable. I even stopped by my local music store where they let me try out a Belkin thunderbolt cable that ended up having the same issues. I saw online that some people have had success specifically with the Apple thunderbolt cable, but I can't see why it would work perfectly for the first two days and suddenly stop. However, maybe I'm overlooking something.

Thanks in advance for the response! Excited to get this up and running.

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answered Feb 26, 2023 by martythorne (210 points)
I have been having the same issues with my m1 Mac mini, off and on (way more on lately), since I bought the Quantum 2626 a couple years ago. There have been weeks on end it worked pretty well, then suddenly Universal Control detection goes off, and I usually only get it back by restarting UC and turning Q2626 off and back on again. Lately, even that only holds for a few minutes.