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Cutting out the left and right of a stereo track (Only keep what is in the middle)

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asked Apr 11, 2021 in Studio One 5 by edwardscott4 (140 points)

I have a vocal track that has a stereo audio track rendered on top, (old, old recording i am trying to clean up) is there a way I can keep whats in the middle of the track and delete the noise that is panned hard right and left?

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answered Apr 14, 2021 by KoreyCreative (2,080 points)

If I'm not misunderstanding you there should be a a couple of ways to do this inside Studio One 5 without needing any 3rd part plugins. I also added pictures to help show how to do this.
1st: This first one you would just use binaural pan twice in this order. Hard pan the first one to where you want and the second just becomes your mono. You also could then bounce this out to make it a mono file.
Pan left, Mono
hard pan right, mono

3rd: Another way to do this would be to directly change the audio channel to mono. 

Change audio channel to mono
Bounce out if you would like to see the change directly in studio one.
Bounce out to see the change directly on the file.

Another way I know how to do this with 3rd party plugins is using ProQ3 form FabFilter. Just click that L/R
Fabfilter pro Q3 audio mode change1
Notice it changes to a M/S Mono / Stereo. Just pull the slider back and it reduces the stereo from the audio.
Fabfilter proq3 audio mode mono

You can also do this directly with Fabfilter ProQ3 by change the bands, but come be a little complex for a simple task.

Just a heads up, My bad if I read your question incorrectly and gave the wrong help.