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Updated: Some Pan controls in Mai Tai function as level controls instead.

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asked Dec 17, 2021 in Studio One 5 by noahbalmer (150 points)
edited Dec 24, 2021 by noahbalmer

Update 2021/12/24
I submitted a bug report a few days ago. A PreSonus technical support rep was able to reproduce the issue through their own testing, it's been turned over to their QA team for investigation and will presumably be fixed in a future release.

I'm unsure whether the issue is limited to configurations similar to mine (MacOS Monterey, M1, not using Rosetta) but it does seem it's not affecting everyone. (Thanks @markadamczyk for testing it)

Original question:
I'm having a weird Mai Tai problem and wonder if someone can help me out.

  1. Make a Mai Tai synth track.

  2. select "+init" to make everything as simple as possible

  3. play a note, sweep "pan" on osc1 left and right.

I hear the pan knob acting as a backward level knob, as if Mai Tai is sending "Left" to both channels. All the way left=loud, all the way right=silent

This affects osc pan and noise pan, from both the knob and if driven by the lfo (lfo routed to pan acts like it's routed to level instead)

Pan in the mixer functions normally.

So at first I thought Mai Tai's left output was going to both mixer channels. However, other stereo effects, like panned delay (FX1->delay-> panned) function correctly. So this seems to be something internal to mai tai.

Whats going on here?

Studio One Professional
MacOS Monterey
M1 apple hardware
Not using Rosetta

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answered Dec 18, 2021 by markadamczyk (440 points)
I just tried a pan sweep with mail tai osc 1 as you outlined. Pan works as expected for me. I played around a little with routing and such to see if I could replicate your result. Can't find a way to do it.