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Quantum 2626 input picking up system sound

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asked Apr 17, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by timlovegrove (570 points)
My Quantum 2626 has started picking up system sounds on one of its input channels. If there's nothing plugged in it's fine, but if I plug a 1/4" jack into input 2 and, for example, have a YouTube video playing in the background I can see in Universal Control starts showing the audio from that video as being present on the input.

I tested this out by recording the input in Cubase and the audio from the video or whatever is being played by the computer is present, albeit very muffled and quiet.

Edit: I should add, this happens even if I have nothing connected to the other end of the cable, just a 1/4" guitar cable with one end plugged into the interface and nothing on the other end.

Anyone come across this? Do I have a hardware fault or have I somehow set my computer to send to this channel? Seems like a fault to me.

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answered May 4, 2021 by michaelfisher22 (200 points)
This same thing has happened to me. I'd love to retest it but my interface stopped working with the latest driver updates.
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answered May 4, 2021 by timlovegrove (570 points)
Hmm, haven't had that issue, I'm hoping the new driver fixes some of the stability issues I've had with the mac since running the Quantum, but it hasn't resolved the noise issue. It basically sounds microphonic when you plug a guitar into it, with low signal and constant feedback