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Quantum 2626 - Thunderbolt 3 - Windows 10 Problems losing sound

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asked Nov 13, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by bernatartiguesribas (210 points)
My PC:

Motherboard AMD Asrock X570 Creator (Thunderbolt 3 native)

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3,6Ghz 32Mb AM4


I have stability issues with Quantum 2626 and Windows 10. I am 99% sure this is a software problem as Quantum 2626 seems to work fine. The connection between the card and Windows 10 is fine all the time, there is no disconnection since the blue light of the presonus is on all the time, even Windows 10 detects sound because I can see the sound indicator moving. BUT, when doing some audio tasks in Windows like opening some youtube videos, Spotify ... the sound just disappears; the connection between the card and Windows still works fine, but there is no sound. Sometimes I hear a pop from my monitors and then I have to reset the presonus to get the sound back.

This doesn't happen when I open an audio player on the desktop, when I use the DAW for hours, or when I open YouTube for the first time (with any browser). It usually happens when I change the video on youtube or when I open Spotify, sometimes when I open the program, sometimes when I change the first song, it is very strange. Again, when this happens, the connection between the card and Windows seems to continue working fine and Windows continues to detect sound.

Tried installing all versions of the Thunderbolt driver and all versions of BIOS. I have tried modifying all possible options in the BIOS related to Thunderbolt. I have even tried swapping the Thunderbolt 3 cable for one of Apple's more expensive ones and there is no solution ... Has anyone experienced such issues between Windows 10 and Thunderbolt 3? Any solution you can think of? I no longer know what to test, I am convinced that the card works fine since as long as I do not do anything I have described I can use it perfectly for hours, both with DAW and playing music on the desktop.

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answered Nov 14, 2020 by grenvilleharrop1 (270 points)
edited Nov 14, 2020 by grenvilleharrop1
Hey dude. I have the exact same setup, and the exact same problem. I built it this week, Youtube works first time, if you change video, you no longer get audio. But get this. If I open ableton, can do whatever I want, play videos, play youtube, spotify whatever. Similarly if I play a game, can have youtube on the background or spotify. It's when I open youtube or spotify on it's own. I only get 1 song and that's it. So weird, hope someone can help.

On another note I've only done about 14 hours testing so far but my Ableton latency is 6ms round trip total it's a real game changer for me. Plugins and even UAD stuff works. Oh I also set a custom curve for that motherboard fan because it sounded like there was a small child in my room screeming WEEEEEEEEE
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answered Nov 14, 2020 by grenvilleharrop1 (270 points)
edited Nov 14, 2020 by grenvilleharrop1
K i found, from YouTube that if you go to universal control, then go to the input monitor thing (by clicking the bottom where the picture is), then press ADAT, you get another window with more inputs, and that's it. Everything now works (?!?!). Works for me and another YouTuber at least. This is completely nutty and needs explaining what's going on, I really hope someone reads this. But it's encouraging at least. When I restart my computer I have to do the same process.
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answered Nov 15, 2020 by bernatartiguesribas (210 points)
Hey man! How curious ... I do not know if it is good or bad news that we have the same problem. I think a new driver / firmware optimization is needed for windows 10. I hope they can take it into account. I am in contact with the technical service and they told me to disable a windows option in the device that allows exclusive control over other programs. You also have to disable it in the DAW. But it doesn't work for me either.

As you comment, it is clearly a problem of "exclusive use / shared use between software". I turn on the PC, I open a music player, everything ok, I open YouTube and play a video, everything ok, I switch to another video, the sound disappears, I open Reaper or Studio One, the sound returns. What's going on people from Presonus?

On the other hand, yes, the operation of the card is spectacular, if you have a powerful PC as in our case, with 128 samples I get latencies of 1.4 ms...That's crazy. Well done Presonus, but please fix this!
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answered Jan 21 by dannycuevas (140 points)
I am having these same problems with my 2626 owner timeline! I wonder if this is just a windows problem adjusting to the newer thunderbolt 3 technology? It could be a Prresonus problem adjusting its thunderbolt technology to windows! It could be both! But one thing is clear the little man is being thrown under the bus in the name of any CEO's involved in this. One big problems is Corporate politics. If there are things that need to be done These big companies will not help one another solve issues that affect the little man. Why should microsoft spend money to help Presonus and vice versa! Somebody with know how knows about this issue and they are not disclosing! i am still having that audio dropout issue in the desktop windows enviroment! Sometimes the only thing that can get results is a class action suit. However you can't have a lawsuit unless you can identify the responsible party! Anyway, I am experiencing exactly the same thing you are