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[FR] Allow "transport bar" less than 1/-1 bar

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asked Apr 25, 2021 in Look and Feel by justinmeyer (2,970 points)


I use a midi device which has encoders (endless knobs) and I use one encoder for changing the cursor position.
It's super fast and very comfortable!

However, I realized that it was not possible to move by less than 1/-1 bars.
Inside of my macro I specified 0,25 (also tried with 0.25), but Studio One interprets it as 1.

In different cases you would like to go by 0,25 bars (or even lower) forwards and set a marker.
I work a lot with reference tracks and specific chords/elements don't always appear at the next full measure.

I checked that the step sequencer might be (ab)used for this, but 
1) It's not made for this usage and
2) It can happen that your cursor gets out of the grid.

If you pause at 0004.02.02.41 and move the cursor by 1 bar, it will go to 0005.01.01.00
If you do the same with the Step Sequencer (1/16), it will jump to 0004.02.03.41
instead to 0004.02.03.00.
(That's why I said the SS was apparently not made for cursor moving.)

Thanks for reading and best regards

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